Options 4 Recovery knows that the decision to involve a professional can be a difficult moment. We focus on delivering results by offering bespoke solutions designed to discreetly address life’s challenges.

Family Intervention

Begin the Process of Breaking the Cycle Self-destructive behavior can be the result of any number of life stressors. However, that behavior affects many loved ones, not just one person. Emotional barriers are created between family and friends and the individual, making it difficult to communicate concerns without risking fallout. Options 4 Recovery utilizes professional interventionists to guide participants on a path for lasting change. This professional education and guidance allows family and friends to fully support each other throughout their change process. Our professional family interventionist guides intervention participants through the planning and organization of an intervention, involvement of their loved one and implementation of individualized plans for every one involved. If requested, Options 4 Recovery continues to follow treatment throughout the process, including preparing loved ones for the transition out of initial recovery periods to post-intervention plans. Options 4 Recovery offers a variety of methods for intervention and will assist the family in selecting which method is most appropriate to meet their individual needs.

Intervention Training

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Elderly Intervention

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